Start showing your content marketing ROI today

So many marketers still struggle with the question of how to demonstrate marketing ROI overall, let alone for their content efforts. But in today’s digital world, we don’t have to put up with marketing that doesn’t produce measurable results. We have content marketing to attract people instead of trying to buy our way into their hearts and minds through interruptive ads.

Whether your business goal is brand awareness, leads, or sales, you can start showing content marketing ROI today. Join best-selling author and content marketing pioneer Michael Brenner to learn the actual formulas and calculations anyone can use to measure content marketing ROI.

  • How to build the business case for content marketing and get the budget
  • How to measure content marketing ROI success in business terms
  • Actual calculations any business can use to show real content marketing ROI

Location: Date: 11 april, 2019 Time: 09:30 - 10:20 Michael Brenner