Content marketing in the shipping industry

Davina Rapaport from Maersk Line in Copenhagen and one of the keynote speakers at Super Content Marketing 2016 in Stockholm. She tells us about their strategy for content in social media.

How do you reach different target groups?

– One of my first challenges here was to prove that social media is valuable and liable as Maersks’ market channels worldwide.  I took that to a social media audit last year with the segmentation study we did. We looked at three main platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We have 18 percent of our followers and potential clients on LinkedIn. On Facebook it was 6 percent. Twitter is really strong on media.

Are all your target groups on social media?

– Not every single person booking shipping containers. But we have a large group off potential customers we can follow up on social media.

How do you reach all your users with content they find interesting?

– We know people consume information in a multitude of channels. They get it from Google, social media, from newspapers and trade events. Social media is just another channel on which we engage our customers. It is not the only solution we use to communicate with our customers, but social media is important in staying top of mind.

How do you organize your editorial staff?

– We don’t do editorials for social media. We do editorials for our messages, tailor that content for different channels. We have a creative team with headquarters in Copenhagen, and we also have some creative talents in India and the Philippins and all over the world. When we have an issue to communicate, we all get together and brainstorm creative ideas on how best to communicate it in terms of content and channels. But I don’t have an editorial agenda.

How do you produce content?
– Mostly inhouse.

What is a big story for you?
– Traditionally Maersk has been very internal and product oriented, but we have realized we have to communicate on what customers are interested in.  Over the past few years we have been really focusing on expanding out of customers insights. My contribution is social listening, tapping in to conversations, picking up what our customers are talking about. I pick up the information and feed it back to our editorial meetings and then we can create messages accordingly. We are trying to provide answers to the question our customers might be having. When we announced changes in our network between India and Sri Lanka, we knew that some shippers were extremely worried about discontinuations and not focusing on the enhancements.  There were also a lot of chatting about the overdependency of the port of Colombo. From these observations we were able to make a number of productions. We shared the information internally and with customers’ services. We feel that very targeted information is highly efficient rather than spend money on general conent.

To be well informed seems to be important for your storytelling, are there other things you are working with to keep high quality in your stories?

– We have a number of research projects. We have a discussion forum for a large number of our customers. We our quarterly customers satisfactory-loyality survey.

Can you actually make your target group make business with you with the help of your content strategy?

– Whatever keeps your CEO up at night, you should be focusing on.  For Maersk Line that is growing the top line and getting containers shipped. Those are our KPIs. The goals for Social media marketing at Maersk are leads and direct conversion. We also measure contributions to leads, like click thoughs to a landing page, video views and engagement, etc.

What are your plans for the near future?

– We will focus a lot on personalized customer journeys and remarketing. We are looking on social media content in terms of a story, telling chapter on, two…each message based on the one before and giving customers the information they need. There is no use in giving them a story on refrigerated transports when they ship car parts.

What are the most useful forms of media for you?

– It is no secret that video is on the rise. We live in a more visual society. You need good content to cut through. People are lazy. They don’t want to read things. So we always put in some infographics. Photos also work really well.  For channels like LinkedIn, we do long reads.

What will you be talking about at Super Content marketing in Stockholm?
– A lot about Maersk Lines’ journey and give some practical advice and where we are planning to take it to text level. I will be touching how we brought communities and how we maintain them. How we align social media marketing with business, how we get results out of in and how we make it sophisticated.